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Supplier Audit


We can avoid confronting unwanted situations if our suppliers are audited by an independent body either due to legal or performance or control reasons. (e.g.BBDK in banking industry of Turkey forces banks to audit their critical suppliers.)

Contribution of Your Corporation

  • Definition of the risks related with the suppliers and improve the ability to make precautions on time
  • Perform legal liabilities
  • Improve contract contents for the benefits of the corporation

Content and outputs:

Scope of Audit is as follows:

  • Audit of suppliers’contract compliance
  • Assessment of the related processes of the supplier, audit of documentation, record and reporting liabilities 
  • Define and assess the risks related with suppliers
  • Assessment of physical and personnel security
  • Assessment of IT infrastructure security 
  • Assessment of compliance to corporate information security policy and procedures

The results of audit activities are reported with a detailed documentation
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