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IT Governance Implementation Roadmap

(with Difference Analysis)

As a corporation, if you know that you need an IT Governance structure, and if you want to start with a road map to this work, this service of ours will be useful for you.

What is IT Governance?

Channeling and managing human, technological and financial resources spent on IT in corporations according to job priorities and specifications is a critical subject. Let's take a look at the following topics in the IT Go

  • Shortly, it is the relations and corporation structures that are created with the participation of business units that provides the current and future use and control of IT.
  • IT Governance is a structure that aims to guarantee the proper use of IT corporate strategies. It shouldn’t be forgotten that both business and IT have the responsibilities to achieve this target.
  • It’s a structure of liability and responsibility that is supported by a decision model and defined by the participation of business units.
  • IT Governance is a part of enterprise governance.
  • Primarily a process model appropriate for the corporate is needed for establishing healthy IT Governance. With the process model, a liabilities and responsibilities framework must be identified beside the decision model.

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    The purpose of this work is to support your corporation in establishing a structure in accordance with Governance principles. In this work COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and related Technology) is used as a reference.

    Contribution to your Corporation

  • For your IT Corporation a process model is going to be established according to the business purpose, work model and priorities. This process model will create the basis of IT Governance Structure.
  • After establishing the process model, your current processes will be analyzed according to their COBIT compatibility. In this way, the improvement efforts will be prioritized revealing the short-and long-term improvement efforts.
  • Output

    You will get the following results at the end of IT Governance Implementation Roadmap study :

  • A special process model for your corporation
  • Maturity assessment study and analysis of the current situation for the processes that’s placed in the process model
  • Improvement Roadmap (short and long term)
  • Optional: mentoring services and training during your journey
  • Design & Programming EkoPC