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IT Risk Management

Most IT organizations struggle with ensuring visibility into and control over IT risks due to the complexity of IT environments in large corporations. It is a challenge to ensure consistency in measuring and managing IT risk,and assessing its impact on different areas of the organization. It is also challenging but critical to link IT risk and compliance life cycles together to interpret control failures within the context of overall business risks and performance.


IT risk management consultancy provides a central IT risk management framework to simplify the identification and analysis of all risks in IT operations. Thus, in turn enables decision makers informed to support business performance and the overall management of business risks.  This covers the entire IT risk management process and workflow from risk identification and assessment scoring, to mitigation and reporting.

Content and Outputs

  • Identifying IT Risks
  • IT Risk Assessment and Analysis
  • IT Control Design and Evaluations
  • Issue Management and Remediation
  • Monitoring IT Risks
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