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Telephone counseling

What is Telephone Counseling? 

It is our service that enables you to obtain the necessary information quickly by making short phone calls with our expert consultants about the processes you are carrying out or planning in your institution.


  • Touching the core of the problem with the participant.
  • To obtain maximum solutions by using time at minimum level.
  • To reach the result with minimum cost.


This consultancy service will primarily focus on ITIL, COBIT and ISO20000. If you have any issues about implementation and auditing regarding the mentioned framework and standards, we can explain them in a short time and make you move forward. Telephone consultancy services on ISO 27001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 will soon begin.

Contribution to Your Institution

This consultancy service will assist you in matters you need to decide while implementing ITIL, COBIT and ISO 20000 processes. For instance how you will define the second level escalation in the Incident Management process, there are no such levels in our company; or who should be the change manager,  each department makes its own changes in our company ; we couldn't decide which properties of the configuration objects should be put in CMDB. Here we will help you with these and similar issues, and you will do the right things in your organization at once.

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