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ISO27001 Consultancy Services

If you need an “Information Security” structure as a corporation or you have to take the ISO 27001 certification due to legal reasons, then this service will be beneficial for you.

What is Information Security?

Information security is to ensure that, information is protected against disclosure to unauthorized users, improper modification and non-access when required, within the enterprise. These three terms are also known as confidentiality, integrity and availability.

What is ISO 27001 ?

ISO/IEC 27001:2013, is the international standard for managing Information Security. The enterprises claiming that they are compliant with this standard are audited and certified. The date behind the certification designates the last update.


The studies of Security Consultants are based on ISO 27001 Information Security Standard. In the preliminary studies, the customer's operational and organizational structure are examined and analyzed, in terms of information security, organizational and procedural risks / threats are determined and recommended solutions are offered to eliminate them. A roadmap is created specific to the customer regarding the perspective of technical and organizational views.

Added value to your Enterprise

With this consulting services and document templates used in the process, your ISO2700 certification journey will be accelerated. Many organizations have a lot of information security controls, but without "Information Security Management System", these controls are independent of each other and are not organized in a structure. ISO27001 Lead implementer and ISO27001 Lead Auditor certified consultants with management system experience and practice can easily establish this system in your organization. They also focus on the audit findings with a view to minimize the number of inspections by observing the management system provided.

Content and Outputs

For the ISO / IEC 27001 Information Security certification to be obtained an “Information Security Management System (ISMS)” needs to be established. Steps to be taken for the establishment of the Information Security Management System are as follows:

  • Determination of the scope of ISMS
  • Definition of ISMS Policies
  • Definition of Information Assets
  • Risk Analysis
  • Establishment of ISMS
  • Security Policies / Procedures Writing
  • Training
  • Application for the certificate

The survival of the corporate and its work in the future, in order to reduce the threats, risk assessment related to the information is necessary to be evaluated. This assessment is in line with ISO 27001 Information Security Standards that can uncover any possibility of damage to the knowledge of the organization. As described below, the effects to the work determined by the realization of the threats will be specified. Thus, the customer sees the level of risk for the information and which improvements and how are to be done.

Studies are done under the below headlines, taking into consideration the organizational and Information Technology:

  • Information ownership
  • Change management
  • Business continuity
  • Precautions for disaster recovery
  • Business Interaction

Under the study of Information Technology :

  • Manage and Audit the application
  • Data communication management and audit
  • System access management and audit
  • Hardware
  • Operations
  • Backup
  • Security management

Above subjects will be examined. Organizational and technical security vulnerabilities as a result of these studies will help in designing the security architecture.

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