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IT Audit and Assessment


A lot of corporations invest in information technologies as they observe the benefits of it. As the business processes increase commitment to IT, the importance of IT controls is increasing as well.

If risk based audits and assessments are being done in your corporation, then the scope is the IT systems, IT management structures, operations, resorces and the processes.

Contribution to our corporation

Audit and assessment studies that are carried out by the independent auditors provide assurance to corporate executives that the IT systems are protected as they should, and they are supposed to provide reliable data that provides assurance. The elimination of the audit findings raise the level of assurance.

Content and outcomes

  • Defining scope of the audit and the audit plan
  • The findings of the audits according to audit coverage (with degrees of importance)
  • Improvement suggestions
  • Audit report
  • The profile of the consultant who will carry out the work

    The work is carried out by an IT professional consultant who has worked in many sectors and is certified of CISA. Our consultant carries out the audit with the relation of independent audit company or totally independent of the audit companies.

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