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IT Governance Process Design Studies


  • If your corporation is appropriate for any audit activity
  • If your IT organization is located as an interior unit of a corporation
  • The concept of governance is a priority for you
  • BT Süreçlerinizin kontrol hedeflerini COBIT’e uygun tasarlanmanız gerekecektir.

    While we take COBIT as a reference for control objectives of processes, methods and frameworks such as ITIL, PMBOK, ISO27001, and ISO9001 are used for the design of the processes.

    Contribution to your corporation

  • Your processes are designed in short time according to selected control objectives, audit results and corporate dynamics and priorities.
  • In teams, awareness about COBIT and governance concept is escalated.
  • With the participation of business units, healthy governance is established.
  • Content and outputs

  • Process documents (policies, procedures), flow diagrams, and process descriptions
  • Rol ve sorumluluk tanımları (RACI tabloları)
  • KPI definitions
  • Identification of technology and automation requirements, ensuring maximum utilization of current solutions that are already in use
  • HR competencies and training plan needed for the processes
  • Transition plan and communications plan
  • Design & Programming EkoPC